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March 17, 2011

Every project I do, I love so much! Here is the explanatory text about the poster. It can use some cutting, but it’s so hard!

This poster is dead!
Long live this poster!

This is a love song to the once and future poster: quickly dying as a format, but destined to survive in another form–visual communication on the screen.

Large hypertext announces the inevitable digital, screen-based future of posters. This is juxtaposed with small background text: a frenetic variation on “The poster is dead! Long live the poster!” (L’affiche est morte! Vive l’affiche!) which meditates on the death of the print poster as we have known it until now.

Text, as the abstract encoding of ideas, plays a large role in this. It is a form of text (the code) that allows us to program screens far away, to change displays quickly and flexibly–ultimately to create automatic posters that no longer require a designer as such but can depend, instead, on variables. The HTML here represents one extreme of text: efficient communication with a computer, a single thought, an abstraction divorced from the tangible.

On the other extreme is the background text. The text nervously repeats–but is changed by the repetition. There are mistakes and misspellings, re-formattings, changes in meaning both accidental and not. The background text shows the human mind at work: text as an articulation of a fleeting thought, text which changes through its manifestation. Multifaceted, contradictory text.

Ironically, the poster is best seen in print. A print poster which announces, decries and celebrates its own demise.

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