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Cannot. Believe. I did this.

March 20, 2011


times square as grand canyon

I am as in shock as you are. I have never strived to do any illustration on the computer but here I am. I’m a team player: I follow where the idea goes, I guess.

When I keep repeating again and again, I am extremely lazy, it means I am smart. Because if you’re not smart and lazy you end up doing tedious things like this for hours and hours.

Oh, wait, maybe this avenue WAS the lazy/smart option. I shudder to think what the meticulous method would have entailed. Anyways, this looks pretty workable, so I am at least glad that listening to hours of TERRIBLE rap music has paid off. For some reason it’s the only thing that motivates me to do this stuff.

Amazingly, I am not even done. This is just  THE FIRST STEP of this proposal to make the Times Square the Grand Canyon.



Here’s a cool one with some layers turned off — a nod towards Liz:


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