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Grand Canyon/Times Square round-up, part 2

March 24, 2011

The first part of this post.

Because I am literally crossing the wires of the Grand Canyon and Times Square, I call this proposed installation:


The interesting thing is that Vignelli designed the NYC subway system signage and the National Park Signage, so there’s actually already a graphic treatment to refer to. Vignelli’s stuff:

My working logo versions:

times canyon grand square

With some color variations:

times canyon grand squaretimes canyon grand squareI think there’s a little bit of work to be done on the logos, but that’s a different story.

A promotional poster for the installation:

The poster’s usage can be doubled. On the back can be an explanatory brochure that both advertises and explains TimesCanyonGrandSquare:

timescanyon brochure

It folds up in the classic National Park Service/Vignelli designed grid:

timescanyon brochure

timescanyon brochure

timescanyon brochure

Here’s a flat file of the brochure back:


The one photographed poorly above has the poster back accidentally overprinted on it, but I like that a lot, so I think that’s probably the direction I’ll go in.

A lot of directions to go from here — I think some first steps involve trying to actually use 3D software to map the layers onto models of Times Square buildings and working out the identity of TimesCanyon/GrandSquare a bit fuller.


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