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If you want to learn about design…

March 25, 2011

watch The Apprentice.
I’m not kidding, being coy, silly or ironic.

Again and again, I think it comes down to LISTENING TO THE ORIGINAL REQUEST OF THE CLIENT. I.e, When the product is an RV, it might make sense to listen to them when the RV company is telling you about the features of the RV. Also, SELL YOURSELF HIGH. That’s just a sad fact of life — it’s almost like negotiating — you have to start your value at insanely high and then if people talk against you or your idea, you just have room to negotiate your value a little bit down. Trump is pretty good at getting across the point that team leaders need to present with intense confidence.

A bit of presentation always helps. What’s amazing in watching this show — is that it’s only a bit. Obviously, they’re not designers and not that much is expected from them. The point is, a bit of
throughtful consideration for the user experience, manifested in a visual way, goes a really really long way.

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