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More TimesCanyon/GrandSquare stuff

March 25, 2011

If I pursue this, it’s clear that the architectural component — the actual installation — has to be either reworked or dumped. In light of SketchUp, which allows me to fly quite easily through a TimesCanyon world, not confined to a fixed viewpoint, it makes sense to dump it. (Also it was clear by the work I put into it, I didn’t care at all about the architectural overlook.)

The project then becomes: the imagining of this place. That’s fine — there are a number of ways to model this place, either those I have shown already, or a video of flying through the place, and I even have a couple of things up my sleeve I’d rather not say before I make them.

The tricky part is that I have that graphic identity thing happening — the TimesCanyon/GrandSquare thing happening, in which is more of a design joke, but I like lots, and is quite beautiful and is quite fun also to work on. The promotional poster, for example, fits into this. (The promo poster is satisfying because they all think I’m all hot for Comic Sans and stretched type and it’s nice to out-Vignelli everyone.) That’s fine, it can be kept, but it has to be acknowledged as a somewhat different leg to the project.

I have then a large body and weird left arm that sticks off it. Unbalanced. My struggle right now is finding a right arm that might balance this thing out. Something connected to TimesCanyon not fitting under any of the above umbrellas.

The other tricky thing is that has to be relatively quick to make, as the bulk of time must be spent on the modelling (the body).

Some current ideas for the third right arm:

  • a series of tourism postcards of this place
  • something based on the language — if TimesCanyon as such is about crossing the visuals, then can we cross the language?
  • making GrandSquare…. What might that look like? Screens in the Grand Canyon? Everyone’s who ever lived there overlaid on top of each other to show how many people there are? Projections onto the cliffs? This is super exciting and what I’d probably choose all things being equal, but probably a bad idea because i would require the most time.
  • what else? suggestions welcome.


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