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In another life…

March 27, 2011

Finally, I have the answer to what linguistics and design have in common.

In another life, I worked for the University of Potsdam in linguistics as a Technical Assistant which meant I helped out all over, sometimes doing weird things like this:poser illustrations

poser illustrations

poser illustrations

poser illustrations

poser illustrations

kids illustrations

OMG. There are so many more of these! Can’t stop laughing. Do these seeds of me in design lie here? And they’re all incredibly weird! It’s a very long story of why I made these in a linguistics context, but basically they were supposed to illustrate a questionnaire. Now, of course it’s clear we were using a bulldozer where a hammer was appropriate: black and white line illustrations clearly would have been most appropriate.

To be clear, I did not create the figures or the clothes — I just modified them and posed them in a fairly powerful program called Poser. Are you feeling the ups and downs of my Poser career? The woman pushing the couch (Q: WHO is pushing the couch? A: Correct answer: The WOMAN is pushing the couch.) represents a fairly high pinnacle, whereas with the man I really seemed to call in — he just seems to be slumped over the table sadly, wondering why the linguistics department had bought software used mostly by video game programmers.


poser illustrations

poser illustrations*To be clear, the SFB did not encourage violence against children!

poser illustrationsOr animals!

Odd image:

Odder still:


This whole business was so ridiculously hard, actually. I really can’t believe I did this.

poser illustrations

This eating apple/banana was particularly hard. In one version (sadly gone to the sands of history) the woman was eating the banana and it looked so…. pornographic. I worked so hard to fix it, and finally just flipped who was doing what.



poser illustrations


Now of course it seems like I did pretty well, given I knew nothing about nothing at the time.

poser illustrations

I couldn’t help but start thinking about silent movies and the language of gestures. Though it was harder to enact it.


I feel like this is where I really learn about cropping:

poser illustrations

I really think this is where it clicked: any unnecessary info is distracting.


At the end, it was like exiting some trance and it was clear that Poser was totally unnecessary for us and we needed flat illustrations. In my files, this is labelled “experimental” because I wanted to propose a style that was plainly 2d.


38-4-1-B (m, cooking) EXPERIMENTAL

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  1. dcwdesign permalink
    March 28, 2011 8:27 am

    um. where can i get my hands on this program! Hilarius! It looks like the Sims.

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