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March 28, 2011

So it would seem I am committed to doing Times Canyon/ Grand Square for the show. I was hoping for a moment of clarity but it hasn’t come, and I have to commit. So, somewhat trepidatiously I have.

I’m somewhat nervous about it in a somewhat unpleasant way — I am actually not confident everything will necessarily be fine. The trick is that there’s 4 weeks, I need to make some more work AND I have to tell the story in a show. Oh, yes, AND I am feeling a bit frozen right now.

Some things of interest, mostly for myself:

  • Nicole points out that my project has been always about an engineered experience/viewpoint, which I agree with. Something in the direction of streoscopes, etc. An interesting point because I have beautiful images I want EVERYONE to see, and not relegate to some intimate experience. So an interesting tension there.
  • Which brings up a somewhat forgotten point about Times Canyon being intimate vs Times Square being public
  • It’s Times Canyon / GRAND SQUARE : I always wanted to cross it both ways, not just one way.
  • Looking at Grand Canyon through Google Earth has proved helpful
  • Postcards, postcards postcards. So much fun, so easy…! All of my images turn out to be just about postcard format, incidentally (probably because the computer screen.)

I have two walls in the show — another thing to think about. Actually, I’d love to explore the public/intimate thing a bit,but I’m worried it’s too off track. Right now I am thinking about Grand Square — what if I put billboards into the Grand Canyon? Like all my ideas, I actually had that a long time ago, but now I am thinking back to it. I shied away from it the first time surely because it would get hated. But it seems so awful and inviting…. and two walls – I have two walls! Who am I to ignore that sheer fact!

They’d be very tastefully done, I assure you! The last thing I need to do is say definitely I will do it — but in all my experience if I am laughing at something, it bodes excellently — and I am giggling very much so..

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