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Grand Square

April 7, 2011

I made some mockups with billboards in the Grand Canyon, but they looked moronic and silly, so I won’t post. Let me learn in the making; also, if things are not pretty, it exposes some Deeper Truth.

I wish I had more time to devote to Grand Square. There is lots there. I am dealing with Zambian tourism with one hand and the show with the rest of my body and then there is this, so you know.

I am still committed to putting billboards into the Grand Canyon though. (As I keep saying — tastefully!) As usual, I know the technique but not the point, but I have a new confidence that this is an issue with school projects rather than in general — because the projects are so barely delimited.

I’ve been staring at maps of the Grand Canyon and notice how many overlooks are wheelchair accessible. I find this incredibly moving, actually; in other countries the handicapped can barely leave their house and in America we have ramps in the middle of nowhere. I should probably repeat: Times Canyon/Grand Square is primarily a lovesong to America. I feel it quite strongly.

Anyways so there are these wheelchair accessible sites, and then there is these inaccessible petroglyphs that it’s hard to get to that I am vaguely intrigued by (and Werner Herzog’s new movie is on such a similar topic, I cannot help but feel that it is A SIGN). And the whole thing — well I started thinking yesterday — well it’s amazing, man’s interference. Even in the face of something so clearly majestic, so clearly grand as the grand canyon — man must interfere, create, try to enhance. When I say interfere, I don’t mean it meanly at all, but rather admiringly.

So perhaps Grand Square is something like a monument to human willpower/interference.

Also perhaps the name should change. I used to think it was so apt, but now I’m worried it’s slightly entrapping me. If your right arm is not serving you, chop it off!

I had such a silly thought just now though — what if one puts in the billboards in the Grand Canyon AT SCALE? They would be tiny, do you understand? Actually, let me put all of Times Square into the Grand Canyon and it shall still be tiny. Is this not a monument to the drive of man? to interfere? and make? and create? When he is so clearly such a silly bug in the path of nature/God/fate/time what have you? Is this not moving?

I find it moving, incredibly so. And so if the underlying idea of Times Canyon was to reveal the beauty of Times Square (however speciously) than let me say that the underlying idea of the Grand Square (or whatever it is so be named) shall be to try to allow people to see “man’s interference” as a noble thing, an inherent drive that is not evil, but is the source of all our world, in a sense.

So now that that’s cleared up….


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