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TimesCanyon as reordering

April 9, 2011

times canyon grand square Dumb day so far — losing much time doing a very simple thing, resizing my poster into a postcard give-away for the show. As with all things, the problem is not superficial; it is underlying: at heart, I can’t decide what this postcard is. On the one hand I want to go further into the fantasy — a postcard you might get at any tourist spot. On the other hand, it IS a self-promotion piece; I’d like to easily direct people to understanding what this project is, etc, lay it out a bit, maybe even put my name into it.

It’s amazing how easily things can come together if all the fundamental things are sitting right.

Anyways, my one smart thought of the day was that Times Canyon is at some level very much about bringing order to a chaotic place. Have I had this thought before? I think there have been scraps of it, but not so strongly. Funny for me — I am the one who loves to bring mess to order and here I am doing the opposite! How very anti! That’s why this Vignelli aesthetic modernism thing — the black bar, this stark minimalist aesthetic embodied in the postcard — is so important: Vignelli is above all about order. That might be a thought that’s important only for me — I’ve been having doubts about how this poster aesthetic relates to the rest of everything.

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