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Chotchke Yuck

April 13, 2011

So my plan was to make these Viewmasters for the show on Friday that would act as both souvenir and model of the the Times Canyon overlook. I’m getting a bit bummed now though because I feel like there is this chotchke factor that’s really bumming me out. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of being referential but not sarcastic or too nostalgic-y with my treatment of Vignelli etc and I feel like the Viewmasters are pulling me in another direction.

People really seem to love them and my one 11th hour idea, proposed by Ashwin, to just put in my photos onto a camera, which I love, is not working, not at least, on my camera. Certainly there must be a way to figure this out — probably some meta tags to switch out — but time is of the essence; seeing it as a bit of a sign.

I just hate being so hokey, quite honestly; there was definitely a part of me that was tempted into making these cheesy postcards for Times Canyon, laughing at the general tourism language, but what can I say. No offense to all who do this, but I no longer think that’s ok. Or maybe for me. Laughing at others, especially the past, is easy; but the more important thing is to draw upon the past to invent a new, contemporary language.

The viewmaster right now have nothing new or contemporary about them. It’s driving me batty.

Sincerity sincerity sincerity aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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