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Grand Canyon memorial thoughts

May 5, 2011

some thoughts:

/ forget mirrors, I should be using reflective glass. Even better then, the glass reflects like a mirror, even more city like and it is sort of protective
/ but protective of what? this is the pickle… I actually had the protective glass idea a while ago — but I also have this dream of accessibility, that the monument can be seen from the rim. I have yet to found anything specific that deserves protection that can be seen from the rim, well, you know, except the whole thing.
/ the panels should talk more about a collage. the post-tourist experience offers the collage view of anything. i.e. mash-up culture.

some troubles:
/ I begin to be more nd more troubled by the exact placement. I was troubled about this all night tonight until I finally shoved forward, but I wish it ween’t all so arbitrary.
/ I m unhappy that the number of billboards/panes/what have you is so arbitrary. It’s actually driving me nuts.

summary of action as I see it so far:
/ skyscraper glass panes as a memorial to lost american expanse/etc. / to be seen from the rim at the most popular/busy area of grand canyon / glass protects nature… but, of course, interferes with it / glass reflects us as cause
/ glass reflects grand canyon thus providing for a moment a moment of endless possibility (is this ridiculous, considering the scale??) but this is the original intent
/ skyscraper glass as symbol of modernity
/ different angles of panes ideally offer a couple of differnet views of canyo at once,allowing a neat trick as well as referring to this possibility/capability of modern tourism, collaging our experiences together (a little shaky, but I think collage is the right direction)

the shape… billboards or not. Well I think the point is who needs the billboard shapes, we have the idea: the panes themselves are billboards of modernity, they communicate that. so the question then is what shape. I keep thinking strips. I had a vision of three vertical strips crawling down the cliff…. almost like tears rolling. Now I think a horizontal strip, like the layers of the GC. Now I am back to a vertical strip — vertical like a skyscraper — can end at some trail outlet at the bottom — but then the scope of the intervention seems to expand, which quite frankly, annoys me, even if it does not annoy you.

I like having every strata covered by the glass a bit though — like a specimen. like Natalie’s kitsch thing last project.

/ glass between the switchbacks — do people cut through and ruin the road? / protecting the GC on the Bright Angel trail?
/ harder to do in google earth

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