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The smidgeon of an idea

May 11, 2011

I’ve been a little toughed out by the book design, because I, above everyone, am first to say that this book must be an anti somehow…… but how??

The structure and the design must give the feeling of what ANTI in itself, beyond the examples or the words.

I think part of ANTI is understanding what you want a project to be really. ANTI is three things: working with and against constraints, thinking outside of the box (while still relating to the box), and acknowledging conflict and ambiguity. More and more I think the ambiguity and conflict is where it’s at; it’s like the inevitable ambiguity of being an active participant in this world. Like everything sucks and yet doing anything active is this hope for a better future.

Ok so maybe I shouldn’t go too crazy philosophical but I do see it extremely broadly,

Anyways so the point is, I’ve been trying to figure what I REALLY, secretly, truly want this book to be. It’s hard, because I quite love ANTI and want to bring it to the world. But there’s not much ambiguity there.

The first smidgeon of an idea I’ve had is that I want to be a portfolio piece. But unfortunately that’s not enough. Now I am thinking, I probably just want a catalogue raisonne of my work. Which is probably true.

Plus it’s what Yale requires of their graduating students. I hate being a copy cat, but ugh, I am using it productively I swear.

Anyways I am now trying to find examples of catalogues raisonnes to work off of; here’s one, I think it’s with one of the students I interviewed with actually.

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