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Finally have a grid for my thesis book.

May 18, 2011

Finally have a grid for my book. Am now plugging stuff into it. The way I work there is doubtless to be a major reformulation coming, but it’s good to be at the first plugging stuff into it.

My favorite spreads so far:

anti means yes

anti delimitations

Right now I’m staring at it and thinking, “What the hell is going to happen? where the hell is this going? What kind of insanity I am building up here?”

A spread which I find extremely bizarre and hope that will make sense in the larger picture:

awkward anti

The funny thing is that this is a good thing in my process. If there’s not that element of the unknown–that mystery–of me actually ACTIVELY wanting to know how this will turn out, I’ll get bored and zone out.

That said, it’s looking particularly bizarre….I foresee a surprise overhaul, perhaps of the text block. Mercury 10 on 13 looks ridiculously hot and legible (stolen from the big + little book) but I can’t get the placement right. Ay ay ay!

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