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Saw the Yale show…

May 18, 2011

On Sunday I made the pilgrimage to New Haven to see the Yale MFA show. I went with friends from Pratt so it was fun, but I had to rush back for my processing class, and yet I insisted on going: I really did see it as a pilgrimage — not so much to Yale but for creativity; I am superstitious and think that if you just put in the effort, you will get good ideas. So I was putting in that effort to get good ideas for my design book, and sure enough, as I was rushing to catch the train back, my thesis book unfolded.

I am addicted to these moments of knowing. I have many ideas and can generate many creative, but terrible ideas always easily. It’s not that hard; especially if you like design and use ANTI. But most of them are terrible. But then some times…. you get that moment and it can be loud or quiet but you know it’s right. So it was so clear and I was finally at peace.

anti means yes

Anyways the idea now is so simple — it’s ANTI means YES. In essence I am changing the title from just “ANTI” to “ANTI means YES”. And yet this thing is so elegant and gives it instantly so much more depth. Instead of trying to define something — which is essentially already defined! as the word “anti-” exists! — the point of the book is to reveal all the possibilities I see as possible with ANTI.

Anyways when you have an idea it’s funny how all the superficial things melt away. I mean, they’re still all there, don’t get me wrong, but they’re so much less important…. So many people don’t believe this but I will tell you 100 percent from my own experience: if you have a good idea that you are committed to, nobody will notice if the typography is a bit weak or if the colors are off and certainly nobody will sneeze at the kerning.

ANYWAYS. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still much work to be done.

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