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City from the BQE

June 6, 2011

I am determined to thoroughly break my camera before I acquisition a new either sleeker or more intense one. In either case, that should be easy, because the camera has a serious battery addiction (making it essentially usable for about 10 photos per charges battery. don’t even try zooming or using flash.), is slow, and then I recently dropped it, with the lens popping out. I put it back together (had some extra piece left over! haha!) and now I have these two smudges on all my photos. ANYWAYS.

Photos of the city from the BQE. I’m pretty hot for these.

love this photo:

nyc, bqe, silhouette
probably worth exaggerating the blurring on the bottom greenery, but that’s for another day…

nyc, bqe, silhouette

check out that silhouette!!

nyc, bqe, silhouette

I don’t even get how I got this panorama shot…

This is like from theatre set design : clear layers of foreground, mid-ground and background:

nyc, bqe, silhouette

And then the cemetery:

nyc, bqe, queens cemetery

Love how lush and green it is compared to the dusty fried out city in the background.

nyc, bqe, queens cemetery

But who are we kidding. I like anything which is partially in motion:

nyc, bqe, silhouette

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