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Chrome opacity problem?

June 8, 2011

Slowly but surely, is finally coming along. Feel free to peek in, though I keep changing things live (I know, I know, but I’m not sure what I should be using to preview it?) so at any point it might look horrendous. It’s coming along ridiculously slowly as I try, all at once, to learn what I need of html, css, and just a tiny bit of php to make it do what I want. The hilarious thing is that the site is actually incredibly simple — but this is what happens when you learn on the fly. I’m a big fan of “learning by doing” but oof! this might be a counter-example! I think if I’d had a simple understanding of divs before I started, all my subsequent learning-doing endeavors would have gone a lot quicker. It’s interesting though, learning by doing. If someone asked me what I’ve learned so far, I’d have ridiculously little to summarize–I ruthlessly look up tags–but clearly something is happening. I suspect it’s really about learning the language in a broader way — like sort of getting how to interface with HTML + CSS so that me and them understand each better. And then the individual words–well I can always look them up in my pocket dictionary.

ANYWAYS. I am setting opacity on the header text and it seems Firefox and Chrome are displaying different things, which kinds of wilds me out. Much googling, but everyone claims only IE has opacity issues. If anyone has ideas, please email.

Firefox, how I want it to look:

times canyon

Chrome. 😦   :

times canyon, chrome

Oh, right, are you recognizing the styling? It’s based on this very wordpress theme, which I find very clean and satisfying. I’m modifying an indexhibit theme to get it there….

YIKES! Now that I look at it I see that Chrome is killing the kerning I did through indexhbiti of “Times Canyon” as well!!! WTF!

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