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Times Canyon works… a little bit

June 10, 2011

times canyon

After much bitter suffering trying to cajole indexhibit to do various things I wanted from it, my friend (Soum and probably Kevin before him, though I was too tunnel-visioned out to have heard him) suggested I just do the HTML myself.

So here I am… some of this works, mostly in the About section. See More and Tokenalia are totally still TK, and the About pages have more than a few snags to work out. BUT STILL, all of a sudden I am building my own website from scratch!!! Yuck!! Double yuck!!

I feel pretty silly that I’ve been struggling all week with poor indexhibit when I totally didnt need a CMS (content management system) which is really, at its heart, its strength. But as Soum very generously pointed out (which I really really appreciate) I wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing my own webpage had it not been by getting my feet wet through indexhibit. So all the fights with it are hopefully going to pay off.

Funny how things work out. About a week struggling with this site and then today, the first part of the day I did the new “splash” page or whatever and then it took me like no time to get the other pages up. Which I guess is how it should be–when you know what you want and also what you are a little bit capable of, things can go fast. Though I suspect I will later have to undo much of what I did when I learn how to do things properly. Going fast right now and super sloppy, with ugly and janky code. Still, it’s kind of fun–it’s like me when I was learning German–I was no longer the grammar queen I had been when learning French–there was no time! There were too many fun people to talk to and most of them, quite frankly, really didn’t care if I got the endings spot on! So hurrah for learning on the fly! Though it’s been a brutal week, a little bit.

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