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Brooklyn Notebook — Lulu version

June 14, 2011

Got the Brooklyn Notebook from Lulu today.

brooklyn notebook, guidebook, anti-guidebookbrooklyn notebook, guidebook, anti-guidebook

brooklyn notebook, guidebook, anti-guidebook

I sort of want someone else to see it for me to gage their reactions. My reaction is that some was lost in the Lulu process… but some was gained. It’s a sturdy little book that you could really throw in your bag and have done with and not worrry about. My object is handmade and thus more fragile. I sort of think it really does come to preferences: I love handmade as much as anyone, but as a user, I actually prefer industrial-sturdy. The one thing I will definitely admit is that it’s really too bad the paper is so heavy; it really would ideally be much thinner, almost phonebook weight, getting back to the original idea I once had, about a guidebook you’d tear pages out from and not feel bad about.

It’s probably worth it for me to make at least one version by hand with the cheapest thinnest paper, perfect bound — I am a bit obsessed with getting the costs down of production…


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