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Forays into processing

June 14, 2011

So. I don’t know what it is with me and image randomization; I say that a lot about stuff and then I think about it and I actually do know, but with image randomization, I’ve thought about it and I’m really not sure. Maybe it’s that I’m quite chaotic and my screen always looks like something like this:

betsy medvedovsky screenshot

So it’s really chaotic, and it’s a process that often kills me. But it’s quite rich, too and I love it and it is above all me–so if it is a weakness, let me use it as a weakness that is my strength.

So anyways I am actually on a quite a schedule right now, working on this application for this one thing… but I can’t help it, I really want to figure out a away to randomize my images. I have any number of applications for this (most really for my website opening) but for the first part, I just need to get this stuff done. Modified something we had done in processing to get code that kinda sorta works…

betsy medvedovsky portfolio randomized

betsy medvedovsky portfolio randomized

betsy medvedovsky portfolio randomized
those two images are actually pretty good at showing how my code is a bit janky… also I see that the images are definitely repeated, frustratingly enough.

Anyways I am pleased with results so far, but a little worried I have reached my coding impasse for a moment to resolve these randomization issues. I’m really hoping that this distraction will pay off in the application I’m working on… or this all could just be a waste of time…..?

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