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Portfolio coming along nicely…

June 20, 2011

Actually, it’s basically done, except can’t decide if I need captions or not and the Times Canyon component looks moronic as always. I don’t know what it is with that project. Oh yeah, it’s ART, so it keeps not lendng itself to my design portfolio. PSHAW. Well I will keep including it as long as designers say they like it but I know where I stand on the issue…

ANYWAYS. My real stroke of genius here is the cover/back cover dialogue:

Back cover/ cover:

betsy medvedovsky, with and against, design, portfolio    betsy medvedovsky, with and against, design, portfolio

I switched the goddamn chairs image after essentially everyone telling me that it needed to be my work on the cover, which the other photo WAS. IT WAS MY PHOTO, DAMMIT, I HAD THE EYE TO PHOTOGRAPH IT AND B/W IT OUT AND USE IT FOR MY PURPOSES. Sorry — I’m not mad, I’m just bummed and frustrated cause I find that image hot shit — it’s like now all of a sudden I can’t use my Beltline images cause I didn’t plant the kudzu and make it decay? I can’t use my found typography cause I wasn’t the one who originally painted the signage a mazillion years ago and then didn’t upkeep it? Ok ok ok, I am just railing against the world. The point is I am now smart enough to see that if evryone is saying the same thing I may as well suck it up and do what they say even if I don’t agree. Sigh. That’s like my whole life.

Ok, sorry really getting off track here. But yeah, if we ignore for a second that I sort of consider it a bit indulgent to have a back cover for a pdf portfolio, I’m just really thrilled about this. Every portfolio is a re-processing of my work…  which the back cover is making clear in relation the front cover. Also pointing to the fact that MY WORK IS ALREADY UP AND ORGANIZED. IN A PLACE WE CALL MY WEBSITE. Anyways.

Maybe will be using this idea for the still-to-be-revived thesis book.

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