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“Let me help you”

July 14, 2011

Love the wording of this phrase… I don’t think anyone notices it, but implicit in it is the idea that it’s the helper who gets the pleasure of helping, and who is to be allowed or not allowed…. Also fits in with notions of Judeo-Christian charity, in the light ways in which I understand them. Suffice it to say this is my favorite way to offer assistance; “do you want some help?” is borderline offensive (of course the person wants some help, if their struggle is visible enough for you to see it); “Can I help with you…” is also a bit too crisp + clean + besmirched by its use by shop clerks. Nah, it’s “Let me help you,” with its almost supplicating undertones, that’s the way to go.

Of course as with all things of design, it’s important that the content match this graceful form: i.e. when helping others, you see it as a privilege and a joy to be allowed to do so.

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