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Es ist so weit.

July 27, 2011
I’ve completely turned around on issuu. At first I thought it was just another piece of digital silliness; but now I see it really gets across something that flat files really don’t get across. I think those small moves towards imitating books that it has — the curvature of the pages, how the pages turn — which I think are a bit cheesy — are just constant reminder for the viewer to have imagination, to remember that this is a book, that it has size, as opposed just a pile of icons on your screen.
Anyways, I finally bit it and uploaded Periods of Activity onto issuu. I really dreaded doing this because it’s not a book in the traditional sense — it is a pile of loose pages meant to be arranged and rearranged. That said, it works particularly well in spreads, and I think every single page here is worth displaying. So here we go; periods of activity, betsy medvedovsky, with and against, autobiography, dossier, resume
Actually, I uploaded a sample reshuffling of the book on issuu too:
betsy medvedovsky, periods of activity, dossier, resume, biography, autobiography, folio,
I assure you, the physical object is the best, but this reshuffling is starting to get at something.
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