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Bought a zine-type thing at a craft fair!!

August 7, 2011

So my dark secret is that many of the things I’d say I’m good at making I am terrible at consuming (art objects, zine-y type things, nice notebooks, etc). This is for a couple of different reasons, one of them being I never have any money, and I like to think it keeps me fresh — gives me an outsider perspective type thing. Plus, wrongly or rightly, but I sort of have this attitude that I’d rather be making stuff than…. not. Anyways, exciting thing today, was walking by a craft fair in Clinton Hill (??) and on the spur of the moment bought this book:

I know bugs by this dude.

It’s actually a type thing — bugs made out of typefaces but the most beautiful part is I didn’t get that till I read the explanation — the illustrations are that good. Though I’ve done a fair number of type things in the past, I’m not too into them generally–most seem academic and overly for designers. But this little book is sweet, about bugs and their terrifying terror, and done in a really clever, surprising way. I mean, it was surprising enough that I bought the book, all of a sudden. I was too spazzy at the flea market to say hi, but maybe this will begin a new and exciting era for me — CRAFT MARKETS YES! (I guess another bit of info is I have been seriously thinking about going into the small time craft market business, so the whole thing just cheered me up somehow. )


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