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I think gray backgrounds are out…

August 12, 2011

Manuel gave me some advice to make a list of 10 top ideal places I’d like to work. Am liking this approach, because even if it’s highly rooted in fantasy, it’s kind of nice to think about things in a limited way.

The site I always use as a starting-off point is — it has a big old list of NY studios. That’s just a nice reference, actually, if you ever need it.

Some of these agencies I’ve heard of and some of these I haven’t , so a lot of what is going on is some fairly superficial judging from these places’ websites. I’m a big believer in the superficial having importance (especially when you’re in a field like design), but it’s true, I don’t know some of these places, so who knows who’s right.

// I really loathe all non-white backgrounds. Am I the only one? I just want clean clean white white peace. Calm. The absolute worst is grey. I could start crying. Maybe I’m just hyper-depressive. // I WANT FAVICONS FROM EVERYONE!
// Please clean, modern, website design. I get cranky when it’s not usable. I mean, honestly, on this point, I’m sure everyone agrees, no?

I thought making this list would be fun, but now I’m like, EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER MADE MUST BE REDESIGNED TO MAKE SURE IT FITS WITHIN THIS.

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