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I really am just that into working for your company.

August 16, 2011

Am on a wee Bradley Cooper kick (who. knew. He’s just so pleasantly moronic and goofy.) so I’ve been watching a bunch of his movies. Saw both Hangover yesterday and today which was APPROPRIATE and honestly, I kinda sorta think the movies are pretty great, which I could go into but I can’t quite figure out how to connect it to design and I haven’t yet given up idea that this blog should be somehow about me and design. And then I saw He’s Just Not That Into You which was pleasantly funny and very traditionally insightful, actually.

My big idea is that I should see the job search as the guy, not the lady; it doesn’t matter how many obstacles I have to overcome but I will get you (You Big Branding Agency) to go out with me (interview me) and then maybe More which, as this is a family blog, I will only put as (hire me). It’s not super insightful and not much different from other things people have told me but you know when you finally get it and it snaps into place? Well this metaphor is making me kinda get it…. and I gotta say, I’m kinda into it! (Secretly, being proactive is actually much easier and more fun than waiting patiently by the phone — which may also explain why I’m a poor date-ress, etc.)

Two more things I am going to mash into here: 1. Being proactive actually comes really easily when you want things really bad. It’s sort of amazing. That’s why I don’t beat myself up about stuff — when I really want and need it, I’m going to show it and it will come out naturally and organically and it’ll be fine. My big case in point here is Edvin, whose student’s thesis presentations I saw last spring, when I was on a desperate hunt for internships. I’m a pretty shy person in general and sort of hate accosting people, but the presentations were probably my favorite, and he seemed pretty smart, so I sort of knew he’d be a great person to ask for an internship. I basically stalked him after the presentations from afar, saw him about to go downstairs and so jammed myself into the elevator after him, introduced myself all cucumber-cool-like and etc. (He said no, he doesn’t take interns, but the story has a happy ending: Edvin ended up being my thesis adviser this year, which along with my two other thesis advisers and countless other things is a reason I consider myself as having been crazy lucky of late.)

On the masculine in design and me: I have been branding myself out
with Mercury. ( I think it’s a good sturdy typeface, legible, approachable and a workhorse. My business cards, portfolio and resume are all using it, etc; at the risk of making myself look ridiculous — because I really think it’s probably better not to think about this tooooo much — I think the look I’ve been going for is “humanist minimalist” (!!) (I know, I know) Which Mercury does great with, because it has a ton of weights and can be minimalist, but it’s not super cold like Helvetica. At my interview the other day, some one said it looked masculine! Which was kind of funny; I’m not sure it was supposed to be a dig at me and my unfeminine typeface choices, but in any case I’m sure there’s a grain of truth in it… So look, the superficial works yet again — with just a flick of the font choice, I have exposed my whole approach to design….

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