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Self-indulgent project number 9: all my gmail statuses since… um maybe mid-May?

August 16, 2011

“There’s nothing better than that feeling of impending doom around something you want to do.” // “I wish monkeys could skype. Maybe one day.” //  best art ever:  //  Ruh roh: “You would be wise to own up to your role in manifesting the chaos you need to heighten your creative expression.” //  “Oh wait, next week isn’t good for me, the Jonas brothers are back in town. But its safe to say any week after that I’m free.” //   “I didn’t know they gave out rings at the Holocaust!” // hangover s a great movie!!  //  WTF is going on in London! “Police advised residents of Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove and Fulham to stay indoors as residents reported seeing men carrying machetes in the road. ” // one day I will be reuinted with all my clothes!  // //   //   sweepy // resettled in Crown Heights // planet of the apes! //  have you had a skype interview? do tell.  ///   SF vs NYC?  //   //   “Although she often discusses serious topics — banning nuclear weapons, the conditions at prison camps — she has a way of treading across them very lightly, like a deer.”  ///   really hungry // send august bk sublet ideas my way  //  looks like I’m moving today!!!    ///    // ARGH.  //  hahahah,20973/    //   end of knee

♫ Finger in a lot of pies.  //  Oh wait, just this one last thing. HA.  //Getting out of here, fools! //  The jigsaw of requirements is getting completed! //  I actually have no real time to prcrastinate… AAACK! // just one more day! // Tuesday, Jun 21, 2011 — You’re still busy, even if you’ve recently been trying to slow down. Today is a turning point and you can finally begin to regain control. You have been running around chasing your dreams, yet now are required to stop so you can focus on a single iss //   I want to celebrate…. but I should probably get started on this other 30-page powerpoint presentation I’ve got going // DONE 1! Tomorrow needs to be Done 2. // is this what it feels like to be older, more mature and more experienced? applications go smoothly and easily? I don’t believe it. Something will surely go wrong.  //  I hate you, LinkedIn. For the love of god stop emailing me. // how to make this letter of interest be not real    // completely wasted day!!!  can’t get hover over menu to work   /// need aesthetic advice…where did all my aesthetic advisors go? //having nightmares about CSS // I have a slide show! ///    //send ice cream // functional   //  it’s impossible that I am this hungry already. //  website getting less janky! //  like an alient child quickly growing to walk, watch out internet, i am going to t o own you //     #crankypants  //  some of this actually works:   // hope on the horizon! // FOUL MOODED.   ///   nice splash page and nothing else:   //  OMG, my image finally auto-resizes!!! that was so hard!!!   (the rest of the website doesn’t work.)    ///  painfully tag by tag building timescanyon up   ///  you probably don’t read gawker but I do sometimes and this should remind me to never again do such a athing:

tomato on the loose!  — lso wtf re: weiner ??? ///   ///   actually, don’t look yet, still working on it. /// stripping everything down!   /  / /blech. //    I wanna see cave of fogotten dreams tonight at 8.45 at court st. text me if you want to come!  ///  I love the sun, I love the heat this is all I want  //  is it me or is this an awful lots of media jobs??    ///  just submitted my library thesis!!!!!     ////      ///    deep deep paper clean    //    ///   my thesis book seems to be a total rip off of False Flat!!!!!  // they seem to have said my thesis was ok… //   ccanot for the love of me integrate word and image, weirdly enoughh /// does the ComD department really get two copies of our books???

a little bit depressed by this situation here.     //,20511/     //    cold!!!    //     I have never been so sleepy as i am now  //    cant stop thinking about that roast beef sandwich last night       //     working!! obviously I’m wu-tang: Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game, add emphasis on unpredictable and de-empahsize game. I do have some game though . //  insecure dumb kid // I hate graphic design.   //  htt

randomly flipping out about job future, HARDCORE // my feet no longer fit in my shoes /// I’M A GO ALL OMA ON YOU //// memorial to the unconquered canyon  ???????   ///// MIRRORIAL ?    how can i be so thirsty so often? reworking Times Canyon rather than doing anything new….. thirsty as always/ ICE CREAM seems the right move / spring I love you though you make me an allergic sniveling mess / every day in may is my birthday! / remarkably cheerful for someone about to pull an all nighter / open to procrasti

how can i be permanently hungry? // what to eat  //         /// AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGBBBBBBBB //  Ugh i can feel my brain expanding and it hurts. // studying? WTF?? // it would be very innacurate to say I’m doing any work right now // it’s TIME.  // benefits of hard copy: If the power goes off – one can still read a book. // ok just straight up nauseous, have worked myself into a tizzy ////mad procrastination // will my parents be

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