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It’s 4 am… do you know where your fool-friends are?

August 17, 2011

They’re working on their thesis books.

More on that later. I’ve got a random twist of good news though! Figured out how to randomize images that are displaying on my front visual index:

betsy medvedovsky, with and against, design

So excited. One step closer to complete random concatenated chaos on my landing page, which is all I really want, right?

betsy medvedovsky, graphic design, with and against, awesome

OMG! AND LOVELY THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU SCROLL DOWN! IT JUST CONTINUES AND CONTINUES IN A SEA OF IMAGES! This is new, right? I’m pretty sure the scrolling business was not always like this?

betsy medvedovsky, elizabeth medvedovsky, with and against, graphic design, awesome

Am real thrilled.

PS. Try resizing!

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