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Progress on thesis book

August 17, 2011

Progress on thesis book. I bit the bullet and did all the super boring cut and paste stuff for the thesis site. It now more or less works, though there’s a lot left to clean up : // image links through out text; top navigation; visual index page; clean up favicon.

BUT anyways I bit it and added a more traditional navigation up top:

Actually, in retrospect, I suspect this was the big “block” with this project — I had one idea for the nav (Anti means yes) but I knew it wasn’t completely functional and wasn’t sure how to bridge the gap between it being AWESOME and slightly a little more useful. Anyways at one point I couldn’t take it anymore — I couldn’t navigate my own site! So I added something up top, which is nice. So now there’s like 4 levels of navigation: — linear (you are just reading the whole thing all the way through, the way I tell you to); totally random (you are clicking around on the left); sectional (up top); and oh shit, there’s one more. Oh, right, I think ideally there is an image navigation. Right now the image nav is a subset of the other things, but I am hoping it will free itself a bit:

The one thing I’m moronically happy about is that the image nav has no distinction between my work and those of my heros. Which is honestly…. like all I wanted here. A mish-mosh of images.

I think after this I need to take a break from launching new sites. I still think this is a great idea and super highly appropriate (and honestly, in some way inevitable?) for the thesis book, but I am really sick of all these portfolio-esque sites. Though this site of course features the ORANGES. The Anti project which started it all. Which I think you will see nowhere else!

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