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Yes yes yes

August 17, 2011

New favicon is up at antimeansyes… I suspect there are some tricks to make favicons better and sharper, but this one is at least better than my one before, less pixelated somehow, though I really couldn’t tell you how or why — just messed around a bit more till it got better. In case you’re too lazy to go over there, it’s just two upper case yeses stacked on each other:

anti means yes, anti, betsy medvedovsky, graphic design, design

It’s no secret that YES has been the theme of this year (concluding any second, I swear to god) for me. To prove this, note the poster I did for the West 18th party last year. If I am not mistaken I think this was the first finished design thing I did in the 2010-2011 year:

betsy medvedovsky

Such a weird little fun poster… it’s the last of a kind, or maybe just the transitioning of me into my MFA work. But there’s something very cute, sweet and genuine about it. That’s the thing about minimalism — you say, ah, of course! — and it makes sense. But this, its opposite, is some sort of genuine bubbling up of something, some sort of joy, some sort of emotion….

Anyways, yes yes yes!

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