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City Museum in STL — most amazing thing ever

August 23, 2011

Guiltily, I took a trip to STL — and had an amazing ball with my friend Katya, as was to be expected. Too much fun. Besides being full of beautiful, dilapidated brick buildings (which I, along with essentially everyone I know, find beautiful and entrancing and quite frankly, I would prefer to be surrounded by), St. Louis has an amazing City Museum, which is like, seriously, a creativity workshop gone 3D. I am not exaggerating, this thing is amazing. At one point, trying to figure out how to get my 4 year old nephew to visit the City Musuem, I realized the only answer was for me to move to St. Louis so his parents and him would visit. I’m serious, it’s that amazing and if you’re anywhere in the area, I’d HIGHLY recommend a trip.

As you see I have no photos of it, which I feel moronic about; actually I think this is going to make me break on the iphone issue. I would prefer not to be in apple’s clutches any more than I have to as a designer, but…. I SHOULD HAVE HAD PHOTOS OF THE CITY MUSUEM AND I DO NOT. Q.E.D.

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