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Thesis book is looking hot!

August 23, 2011

At the risk of saying something both vain and to be regretted, I’m saying it! Made a mock-up today besides having a panic moment that the visual index of was not how it should be. I think ideally the visual index would be constantly present on the bottom of the screen, actually, but I just cannot make it work. Anyways I smartly pushed through it and made a mock-up; looking at it later on the train I got really psyched! It’s both a legible book and a weird object, which is essentially what I’ve always wanted, and it’s definitely, unmistakeably ANTI, unlike my previous version. Actually, I think I see two tensions here: above all, it’s sort of asking, what happens when you print out a website? And can that still work in print and look cool? And then the other tension is manifesto vs. text — left hand side repeating manifesto and right hand side normal text.

Below is me trying to figure out how exploit iframes to get the visual index how I want it…. I just embedded my site within my site! Ha! Of course, I love it — but it just ain’t appropriate right now…

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