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San Pellegrino Redesign

August 29, 2011

So when I was in St. Louis, a friend of a friend ordered a San Pellegrino Lemonade at brunch. I’m not sure if the San Pellegrino can is a rebrand, a totally new product or I just haven’t seen it yet, but I truly found it lovely. I don’t typically get very excited about food branding/rebranding, but I was surprised to just be in shock about how beautiful I found the new can:

<Image from>

So far as I can tell, the logo and the typeface for San Pellegrino haven’t changed, but these beautiful new colors, the yellow-y orange and the lovely blue, are new. Plus, there’s the pattern in the background–can you see it?–it’s so light and delicate–just pretty and unintrusive in the background (like the bubbles!!!). At the risk of going too far, the pattern reminds me of currency watermarks, sort of re-emphasizing how rich San Pellegrino is. I guess it makes sense if this look is special for the cans; a glass bottle of SP connotes richness just in the material, whereas the SP cans need to work a bit harder to stay upscale.

Plus, there’s a big functional part to this redesign — do you see the thing at the top? It’s a foil bit that covers and protects the top of the can/the mouthpiece. Again, I generally think a lot of food packaging is ultra silly (i.e. Coors Light, etc — “Cold Activated Cans”, etc) but THIS IS A THING I HAVE ACTUALLY FELT A NEED FOR!!! When I first moved to NYC and would get diet Cokes in delis, I would always get straws given to me, but never used them. Finally someone told me, seeing that I wasn’t taking the straw, “You don’t know where that can’s been…. I wouldn’t put that to your mouth if I were you.” A moment of the wheels turning in my head and…I took the straw. So I thought that top part was a pretty neat, and being foil, pretty cheap addition to making a San Pellegrino can a little bit more special.

When a second person ordered another San Pellegrino, I salvaged the tin foil bit and stuck it into my glasses case…

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  1. dcwdesign permalink
    October 1, 2011 6:04 pm

    I love the design too! So great!

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