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C-Lab, see Betsy

September 8, 2011

I know, I know, title misfire, but couldn’t think of anything else.

Anyways, one must keep one’s cards close to one’s chest while things are in process, but I wanted to announce to the world that I’m starting an internship with C-Lab on Monday. It’s a design lab that’s focused on architecture/design/urban issues which just happen to be my essential areas of interest, they do all sorts of stuff like come out with a magazine, put up exhibitions and others things (ok, I don’t really know the details yet) and it’s headed by this pretty awesome dude. Irma Boom, who I’ve blogged about many times and who I was super obsessed with at one point, designs the actual magazine (Volume), which is kind of nuts, as, as mentioned above, I was at one point obsessed with her. So all-in-all I’m pretty psyched.

Which means… my official vacation began… Tuesday morning, when I accepted and I should now be  running around, drinking like a fish, preferably giggling and buying high-heeled shoes that hurt my feet. Yes, please!

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