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Weird banner ad thing

September 17, 2011

Was shocked to discover that the ad on top of the site and the ad to the right are for different products:


I can’t imagine it was done on purpose but… somewhat unfortunate as THE COLOR SCHEMES ARE EXACTLY THE SAME.

We all know that yellow and red are classic food advertising colors (think McDonald’s) (and both Seamless and Hilton Garden Inn or whatever are both advertising foodstuff) but this coincidence leaves me befuzzled:

  • is that particular shade of yellow really in?
  • is it just web design thing — limited range of colors make some yellows and red top picks
  • is there some color palette generator involved?
  • was this done on purpose (like color-ed ads are grouped together) (some of you with more experience with ad buying on the internet might actually know if this is just standard practice)

Sorry to be obsessed with such a silly issue, but I find it really bizarre. Refreshed the page and got this:

And then this:

So I guess ads are grouped by color scheme. I see the design rationale for it (similar paletter de-clutter and simplify the page, making the ads less obtrusive, etc) but if I was Seamless I’d be a little bummed — my yellow banner ad is just contributing to Hilton’s glory.

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