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Times Canyon is revived; begins killing me anew

September 19, 2011

Will reveal details soon, but project is bubbling in the works again. Don’t get me wrong, I love Times Canyon, but every time I have to write a description of it I realize, I don’t really have much clue of what’s it’s about and how to package it better for public consumption.

This time around I had the grand idea of trying to bite off just a small sliver of it — let Times Canyon be the space — and the family of projects that may or may not develop around it will be entryways into it. Ideally with their own specific titles. Anyways I think I’m naming it “Hello from Times Canyon” — and it’s sort of related to this thing I did this summer, just for fun, which was send out a bunch of left-over Times Canyon postcards to a bunch of famous people, just for fun. It’s always good when a project is related to a gut thing or an action that arises organically, so at least in this sense I’m relieved and excited… Times Canyon is great, but hard to get enthusiastic about presenting pre-chewed over cud to the world; Hello from Times Canyon is some new little bit of I can chew on some more.

Was that a vile metaphor? Forgive me, I’m simultaneously overwhelmed and relieved.

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