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February 13, 2012


[Sorry it’s so dark: Call your mom! Ha. What a great piece of graffiti.]

In between projects now, hopefully starting to work again next week; if it comes through it will be great. Leaves me a lot of time to do all sorts of wandering both real and digital. A great mystery to me why I’ve become such a poor blogger in response to all that I see, despite my acquisition of an iphone which is supposed to make these things easier, and too bad, really, since I have many thoughts, some of them somewhat interesting, but as per the last post, one should try to force as little as possible of one’s life.

I came across The Death of the Cyberflâneur, wherein Morozov claims that Facebook and apps are killing the act of cyberflaneuring — browsing at random on the internet and stumbling upon random things. First of all, and this is probably embarrassing, is I’d never heard of the term cyberflaneuring, and of course I love it, since a good flaneuring is what I generally love in the physical world and also in the digital world, but just hadn’t thought to call it anything (except perhaps “fucking around on the internet”). (Naming, guys, naming. It can really salvage things!)

Incidentally, I’d just started following Morozov on Twitter, which I know dip into on my iphone in in-between moments, and am now starting to get Twitter — I do feel like Twitter allows cyberflaneuring in a really quite nice, guided, semi-productive way.

Love this sentence: “The whole point of the flâneur’s wanderings is that he does not know what he cares about.” A sweet defense of not knowing, which I am always in favor of.

So Morozov posits himself on the cyberflaneur camp as against the social app camp, headed by Mark Zuckerberg. ” “Do you want to go to the movies by yourself or do you want to go to the movies with your friends?”  The funny thing here I realized is that Mark Zuckerberg  wants the internet to be more social because he himself needs help getting friends together to go to a movie. Evgeny Morozov probably doesn’t need much help getting together a group. You always want to be better at what you’re note. Zuckerberg, king of the digital natives, doesn’t need help cyberflaneuring; he needs help inviting friends out. Morozov probably has much less social issues, but craves time and opportunity to do both flaneuring and cyberflaneuring, random time alone where he can ingest the world.

Of course, I’m on the Morozov camp, even though I probably need loads of help inviting friends out somewhere….



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