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It is interesting for a while…

February 13, 2012

Lovely  thing I saw at MOMA. Looked and looked but couldn’t find the artist. It drives me particularly nuts because I’m almost positive that this is by the same lady-artist who did a piece in the Atlanta Art Museum that is words inscribed on a bench, something along the lines of “Sometimes I wake up crying and I’m not sure if it means something or it’s just involuntary like sneezing.” Except she said it better, obvs. I’d actually been trying to find that piece for a while, with no luck, and here I stumble upon this piece, and here too, I can’t find the author. Send ideas if you know who it is.

Also. Really. I really just love this. Funny how being an artist allows you to say stuff like this and frame it and have it taken seriously than if your ma says it. I mean, that’s part of the point. If anything, this makes the case of why everyone should be an artist. (Though my mangling of Sometimes I Wake Up Crying shows how important it is to craft every single bit of it, how effortless a well-crafted sentence seems.)


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