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Irma Boom Interview

March 20, 2012

Went to McNally Jackson bookstore yesterday in Soho, which is now officially my favorite bookstore in NYC; I really think it’s way nicer than Strand, but I guess I like that it’s smaller and that the architecture selection is stronger.

Again, the striking realization that every single book I like and enjoy is by Irma Boom. Actually, untrue, I saw a very nice little book from Columbus Architecture Museum (the exact name of which I forgot) and “I Read Where I Am”, designed by Lust, and very legibile. But yeah, by and large Irma Boom is everything. I love her but it’s hard; jealous!

Anyways, here’s an interview with her that’s nice. I guess I think everyone should work like this and it surprises me when people don’t. Quite brutally, I think I work the same way but it’s nice to have a famous designer back you up on things like trying to use one font or fonts that are neutral/everywhere.

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