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My Process

May 11, 2012

Doing a lot of research for work — have been thinking a lot about the process. This is what I’m seeing from research — but I think it’s valid for the design process as well../

// Take a cursory look around –take a lay of the land — get familiarity. (A lot of the times you have this from life — but not always!)
// Start listing everything (As per Alex Liebergesell’s class) // Start making categories — straigtforward (Modernism? Make everything super logical and straightforward)

// Start chunking things organically — new links, new connections, hopefully, emerge. (This is the pomo/curation bit — i.e. the new artist as the curator who puts things together in new ways, etc.)

// Hopefully arrive at an overlying concept ?? (Not sure if this part always comes here!)

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